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     I needed one-off cleaner at short notice. I settled on hiring Chislehurst Cleaning, heard what they had to say, received their price quote, and the rest was history. I'll certainly be using their house cleaners again.
Sharmila W19/05/2020
     I just adore the cleaners from Chislehurst Cleaner. They do fabulous work and even gave me some helpful stain removal tips. They are contracted to come to my flat twice per month. I highly recommend their services.
Holly Winters20/09/2019
     A big thanks to Cleaning Company Chislehurst for making my property sparkle. The cleaners were professional, organised, efficient, and evidently mightily skilled at what they do.
Haley L.09/10/2018
     Have never had a better cleaning company to work as hard as this one for less money than their competitors. Chislehurst Carpet Cleaners may not charge customers much, but they treat you like you're a millionaire.
Denise R.28/06/2017
     My partner and I both work and so we wanted to get cleaners to come to our home every Friday so that we had no household chores to do at the weekend. My mother had used Chislehurst Carpet Cleaners for a long time and so I knew who to call straight away. Now they do my house too and at such a great price, it's fantastic value for money.
Natalie Malyon 14/07/2015
     ChislehurstCarpetCleaners came into my life when I had absolutely neglected all my house cleaning duties, in order to care for my sick mother. Having a family at home meant I had to get on top of things and fast, which is when I decided to call in the cavalry. Every week, without fail, the same cleaners would get on with keeping the house tidy and clean. There's nothing nicer than coming home to freshly clean sheets and a spotless kitchen. Thank you for making such a difficult time in my life easier!
Helen R.15/01/2015
     My husband always used to tell me that we spent our evenings doing housework when we could be going out and winding down after work. I was reluctant to employ cleaners because of the cost, and I like things doing a certain way. However someone recommended ChislehurstCarpetCleaners to us and we were delighted with them - they clean just the way I want them to and take specific instructions from me when it comes to things like cleaning the kitchen and changing bed linen and towels. I am very pleased with our cleaners and would certainly recommend them.
     There's a lot of reasons to recommend ChislehurstCarpetCleaners, and since I have already told my neighbours and friends, I'll share them with you too! They offer everything I could ever want from a professional cleaner; an affordable price, a dependable service, and the level of convenience is wonderful! They are based locally, so it doesn't take long for them to show up once I've hired them, so if there is somewhere I need to be, I don't have to worry! There's no fussing or complicated steps to take, just a good, honest service. Ten out of ten in my opinion!
Terri E.29/08/2014
     I had just purchased a new house but it hadn't been lived in for a while so you can imagine it was really dirty. A friend suggested I contact ChislehurstCarpetCleaners, as she had used them on many occasions and was always satisfied with their work. I gave them a call and explained the problem, and the advised me of a spring clean service that would get everything back in order. They informed me that it didn't matter to the cleaners how dirty it was, their team could handle it, as they had the best products to thoroughly sanitise the place and get it back in order. It now looks stunning and clean.
Theresa Booth24/07/2014
     I'm really awful when it comes to oven cleaning. It's a job that I'll put off and put off until I'm stuck with a really dirty and grimy oven that's impossible to clean. I decided to break this bad habit by calling in some experts and I decided to hire my oven cleaner from ChislehurstCarpetCleaners. I'm really glad that this was the company I chose as they were unbelievably professional and incredibly skilled. The cleaner worked really hard to get my oven sparklingly clean and I couldn't be more appreciative. This is an excellent service that I'll use again when the time comes!
Anna Cameron08/07/2014
     I'd always been under the impression that professional house cleaners were just for high-flying executives who had lots of money to spare and no time to spend on their chores, but when I had my little girl I soon realised that I was going to need some help around the home! I wanted to find an affordable cleaning company that would be able to tackle my house every couple of weeks, and I was really impressed with what ChislehurstCarpetCleaners managed to do for me! It's an inexpensive and thorough cleaning service that allows me to spend all the time I need with my daughter - I recommend them to everyone!
Catherine Genesius17/12/2013

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